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Pink Lady :)

EN This is an outfit I particularly like, and this is a place I absolutely adore! ...In these days the weather is terrible (*ò#!!!!@%**) ...but it's warm enough to wear a mini! I focused my outfit on my new pair of Casadei sandals! They are marvellous, aren't they? :D I'm mad about high heels and when I saw these sandals I couldn't leave them in the sho[...]

Stripes Mania!

EN This feeling of freedom is so pleasant!!! The school is finally over and now I have all the time I need to do whatever I want and to take photos! :) I've decided to give much more attention to my blog during this period because I've got one month left and then I'm going to Greece more or less for another month... So when I'm abroad it will be quite d[...]

Sweet Papillon Photoshooting!

EN The last Saturday afternoon turned out to be a break from the routine... I spent the entire afternoon doing a photoshoot for Sweet Papillon!!! It was really enjoyable even if I was quite tired at the end of it all... We shot different outfits which we had put together! The whole time was dedicated to the new collection which I adore!!! Howe[...]